My top 10 favorite Amazon purchases


Amazon should really consider sponsoring me, because I have definitely helped them make thousands of dollars by recommending products to my friends and family. 

Get ready to see a lot more of these posts because I probably have a top 10,000 favorite Amazon purchases list, but here are ten of those:

1. Travel Inflatable Pillow

I traveled to Amman, Jordan in June on an 18 hour flight. My sister texted me a link to this travel pillow two days before our flight asking me if I want her to order one for me. I skimmed through the reviews and decided I’d try it out and I’m glad I did. I usually use regular neck pillows but end up with extreme neck pain afterwards since my head would usually fall to the right or left. With this neck pillow, you blow it up in about thirty seconds, put it on your lap and place your face in the hole. I downloaded movies on my phone before the flight, so I would put my phone in the hole and would fall asleep while watching a movie. I slept incredibly comfortably for an airplane!

2. Echo Dot

“Alexa, get my life together.” I actually say this to Alexa all the time and she responds, “Hmm, I don’t know that one” every time. But seriously, Alexa helps me keep my life together. First of all, she turns on and off my room light when I ask her to, what more could I want? She also tells me exactly what’s on my calendar for the day, reminds me what I ask her to remind me, and tells me the weather, news and a daily motivational quote every morning. Alexa, I would be lost without you.

3. Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

I don’t think anyone has ever sat on my bed without telling me how comfortable it is. This is my second time buying this mattress and I swear by it. It is so dang comfortable for the price. Highly recommend!

4. LED Light Strip Kit

I wrapped this LED light strip around the edges of my full length mirror and I’ve never been happier. Besides the fact that I can see ALL my flaws, my makeup is always on point! They work perfectly and stuck to the mirror easily.

5. Bidet

Out of every item on this post, I probably recommend this one the most. A FREAKING BIDET. Could you want anything more in life? I still don’t understand how people wipe with just toilet paper, but that’s a whole other topic. This bidet is so incredibly easy to install, works perfectly and is more way more hygienic than using only toilet paper. Just do your thing, turn the knob, and it’ll spray the perfect amount of water to clean you up, then dry with toilet paper! YAY.

6. Cellphone Car Mount Holder

I honestly feel like a mom when I use this in my car. I don’t have much to say other than this is probably the safer option, so I definitely recommend it.

7. Cooking Thermometer

If you know me personally, you know how scared I am of undercooked chicken. This baby makes me feel so much better when I cook chicken! It also helps me to prevent overcooking chicken, which had made my chicken recipes taste so much better. Remember, when your chicken reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees fahrenheit (75 degrees celsius) it’s fully cooked! 

8. Kindle

If you’re someone who doesn’t really like reading but you want to start reading, I recommend getting a Kindle. When I first started reading, I used my Kindle! For some reason, it just makes it easier and more fun.

9. Super Soft Throw Blanket

Okay honestly, I take back a bidet being my most recommended item on this post. THIS BLANKET WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. My brother randomly bought it around four years ago. A year later, I decided to redo my room and buy new blankets. I wasn’t sure which one to buy, so I just went through the things he bought when he redid his room and bought some of the same items. I can’t even explain how WARM this blanket is. You could be freezing and when you put this blanket on top of you, you will warm up in a matter or minutes. My sister and parents bought it after I did. Do yourself a favor and buy it too!

10. Multi-Blade Spiralizer

Zoodles, YAY! Spiralizers are so fun. You can literally spiralize anything! My favorite thing is obviously zucchini, carrots, and potatoes! Curly fries yum.


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